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Pisa Airport

Pisa Airport is one of the famous and remarkable airports in the world which are constructed after careful research. The best thing about the airport is that it is connected to all the important passages and makes the journey convenient and facilitating for the passengers. The airport has easy access to motorways, highways and railway tracks, so that individual can easily go wherever desires, without getting involved in tensions of transportation solutions. Airport overview reveals several interesting facts about the airport and represents it as best airport. Hospitable services of the workers and value added services aims at delivering best experience to the customers.

There are enormous facilities available at the airports which are aimed to facilitate the customers. Pisa airport also contain these facilities. There are shopping centers and best quality service providers which help in delivering best services to the people. Instead of spending the additional hours in the waiting areas, people can use the available time productively and shop the desired items from the airport. In order to serve the customers, eighteen airlines are serving the airport. These airlines serve the passengers for their domestic and international tours. The ticket offices remain open from 5.00am till 8.00pm and people can easily visit in order to get their problems solved.

The contact numbers of the concerned officials are provided to the customers and they can easily contact them whenever they desire. In addition to this, people can easily get the information about flights and necessary things by visiting to the website. Detailed information is provided to the customers via telephone calls and websites. There are various additional facilities provided to the customers at Pisa Airport and delivers best value to the customers. Some of these facilities are mentioned as follows.

Pisa Airport in Italy is equipped with the money exchange services. The customers can simply visit to the public booth of the banks available at the airport for conducting their monitory transactions and other related services. The exchange of the currencies is also done at these booths. For communicating with the friends and relatives, the customers can easily avail the communication services of the airport. The telephones are available after every specified distance so that communication with people is facilitated. There are several other services which are identified as a result of airport overview.

Individuals can easily find the help desks of the car rental companies in order to get access to their destinations. They are located at the arrival areas so that customers can easily visit to them and complete formal procedures which are required for the issuance of keys. The customers can easily visit the websites of these car rental companies in order to ensure the instant services and access their cars in the car parking areas. The airport is equipped with several parking regions which provide peace of mind to them and help them to park their cars for long run.

Pisa Airport provides special incentive and benefits for the business class and facilitates them by provision of business center. There is special room available at the airport which can be categorized as a meeting room. The room has the capability to accommodate maximum fifty people. The customers can easily visit the website for getting all the information that is related to them. The company provides contact number of the officials on the website so that they can get detailed information and get their queries resolved. If somebody is interested in online reservation of flights and the related services, they have to sign up with the website. As a result of completing the formal procedures, they can get their tickets at their homes.

Airport Information

Official Name:
Galileo Galilei
Time Zone:
GMT +1.0
Latitude (DD):
Longitude (DD):
Latitude (DMS):
43° 41’ 0" N
Longitude (DMS):
10° 24’ 0" E
Passengers (2017):
Official Website:


2,792m (9,160ft)
43m (141ft)
2,993m (9,820ft)
45m (148ft)