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Pisa Airport Car Hire

The Galileo Galilei Airport and the Peretola Airport are the 2 main airports in the Tuscany, Italy. The Galileo Galilei Airport is situated in Pisa city and is named after the famous native and scientist Galileo Galilei of Pisa. This airport is in the district of San Giusto which is less than two km away from central railway station and relatively close to city centre. Tourists can use both bus and train for roaming around the place but hiring a car as soon as they land in Pisa would be a beneficial addition to their vacation. There is a huge free car parking on outskirts of this city which are linked to centre by buses and another underground car park is under construction for obviating the usual problem of city parking. The Pisa car hire services offer the opportunity of visiting the attractions to the tourists with convenience, freedom and greater ease.

With the car rental services in Pisa, the visitors are able to travel to all the popular destinations like beach resorts for trying their hands at surfing or can escape to the famous scenic walking routes in the city. If the tourists are not interested in visiting such places, the car hire services can always allow them to explore the various local sceneries or explore other beautiful cities. Florence is accessible as well using the car hire services from Pisa, along with the beautiful Tuscan scenery and villages. People usually think just about the Leaning Tower when they hear Pisa, but there is a lot more to see when you are visiting this place including various attractions and interesting sights. Top sites and famous attractions while on the tour of Pisa include:

  • Campo dei Miracoli or Piazza del Duomo: The place is amongst the top spots of Pisa and is in the greatest groups of Europe’s Romanesque buildings. The building traces the path of life for the medieval people from their birth to death. Piazza del Duomo was basically built outside the city centre but within the preserved city walls in 1155.
  • Leaning Tower or Torre di Pisa: It is amongst the most famous towers in Europe. The construction of this tower started in the year 1173 but it was not finished until late fourteenth century. It is 54 meters tall and has 8 stories out of which 6 have open galleries. The spiral staircase inside has 294 steps which leads to top of this tower. All the car hire services can easily take the visitors for the tour of this building.
  • Baptistery or Battistero: The construction of this white-marble round building started in the year 1152 and was finished in late 14th century with an addition of 8 sided cupola. Supported by the lions, the pulpit is decorated with the scenes from life of the Christ. There are various impressive statues inside as well.
  • The Duomo: It is a white imposing building since 1063. Constructed in the 12th century, the façade has 4 tiers of the open galleries of statues, decorated with the marble inlay. Inside the building, there is a 16th century wood ceiling with magnificent marble pulpit and several art works.
  • Museo dell Opera del Duomo: It is situation at eastern end of the Piazza del Duomo with huge collection of really important artworks.
  • Piazza dei Cavalieri: This was once the center of Pisa back in the days of republic but then it was remodeled in 16th century, becoming an important symbol of the Medici power in the Pisa.

Apart from all these famous tourists places, the car hire services in Pisa can take the visitors to almost any place they wish to see as per their convenience. There are bus and taxi services available too but then it is always better to hire a car completely by yourself and roam around the city at your suitable hours.